Tuesday, February 5, 2008

TOOLS(11 to 20)

11.What is Virtual BC?
Business components based on external data are called virtual business components. Virtual business components are used when the business component has to obtain data from a location other than a database table in the Siebel database, but the information has to be presented in the standard Siebel user interface (applets and views).

12.What does Fields mean in BC?
Fields are child objects of business components. They are the source of data for controls and list columns displayed on applets in the user interface.

13.Explain about Calculated Fields in BC?
Calculated fields have a Calculated property of TRUE and a non-null value for the Calculated Value property. Calculated fields obtain their values from other fields in the same business component, or from the master business component in an active link in which the current business component is the detail.

14.What is a BO?
A major area of business functionality. A collection of BC’s which are logically related. One BC in the collection serves as the master BC (the master BC has the same name as the BO itself). Same BC can be used in different sets of relationships.

15.What are the steps for creating a BO and BC?
Create a project and/or checkout,
Create a BC and add to project,
Add fields to BC,
Create BO and add to project,
Associate BC to BO.

16.What is the User Interface Objects layer?
Is the visual representation of the underlying BOs and BCs. Provides means to customize the screen display. Defines the application, screens, views, applets and reports (including UI layout and navigation, all UI controls)

17.What are the child object types of an application, we have looked at so far?
--Screen Menu Items,
--Page Tabs

18.What is involved in creating a bitmap?
Add a bitmap category;
Create a bitmap (name must be “Logo”);
Import bitmap;

19. What are the two means for editing object definitions?
--Object List Editor
--Properties window

20.What is the difference between an object type and an object definition?
An object type is a named structure from which object definitions of a given type can be created. (Ex.: ‘Applet’ is an abject type and ‘Opportunity List Applet’ is an object definition.) An object definition has a predefined set of properties.

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