Tuesday, February 5, 2008


11.What is a thread bar?
The thread bar is a navigational tool. It provides the means to navigate from view to view among the views previously visited in the current screen. The entries in the thread bar identify a view. The name of the view is given in a box.

12.How do you configure thread behavior?
The following properties are set.
--Thread applet property – Specifies which of the applets appearing in the view supplies the data value for the thread field.

--Thread field property – The name of the field whose data value is included in the arrow box, following the thread title. This is a field in the business component, associated with the applet identified in the thread applet property.
--Thread title property – The text used in the thread to identify the view.

13.What is a pick applet?
Pick applets allow users to select values from a list, and have the selection entered into controls or list columns. They are invoked by clicking the ‘Select’ button that appears next to a certain field. Pick applets contain a scrolling list table of available selection in one list column. The pick applet selection can populate more than one field in the original applet. Pick applets maintain the foreign keys that facilitate join relationships.

14.What is an association applet?
An association applet provides users with the ability to associate a parent record with one or more children, through an intersection table. An association applet is a dialog box. Multi selection is available only in the association applet. Fields in the association applet cannot be updated.

Association applets are used only with pairs of business components that have a many to many relationship, which is implemented, by an intersection table and a pair of links. An association applet cannot be constrained through properties like a pick applet. You have to use eScript or VB Script.

15. What are the steps for creating view, screen, and application definitions?
--Create a view,
--Create a screen,
--Add view(s) to the screen,
--Create an application (or use an existing one),
--Associate screens to page tabs,
--Associate screens to screen menu items

16.Why might your changes to a list applet not be seen within a test of the application? And how can you force them to be seen?
The changes that are made to a list applet will be overridden by the users preferences (local file). To ensure your changes are seen reset the columns displayed.

17.What are the main differences in an Entry applet and a form applet?
An Entry applet has buttons (New, Delete, Copy, Cancel). It is used to editing the data in a list. A form applet has no buttons and is used to display the master record.

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