Tuesday, February 5, 2008

DATA MODEL and PARTY(5 to 6)

5. Explain about User Key.
A user key specifies columns that must contain unique sets of values. It is used to determine the uniqueness of records during data import operations in EIM. The purpose of user keys is to prevent users from entering duplicate records. A user key is designated by the name of its parent table with an _Un suffix.

6. What is S_PARTY?
The party model organizes entities such as Person, Organization, Position, and Household. A party always represents a single person or a group that can be translated into a set of people such as a company or a household. The base table for all such access is S_PARTY.

Business Units(S_BU) }- Organization

Employees(S_EMP_PER) }- Person

Positions(S_POSTN) }- Position

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