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21. What is the cfg file and what does it contain?
It contains initialization settings for the application engine such as - Gateway Server, Enterprise Server, Application info, server parameters, srf file, database sources, etc.

22. What is eappps.cfg?
Is the single configuration file for all the Siebel applications.
Contains configuration information, including: connectivity information, login, and security settings
Allows the SWSE to communicate with the Siebel Server
Contains a connect string for each Siebel application

23. What are the steps to install the database server
--Invoke dbsrvr installation program
--Run grantusr SQL script
--Edit & run install.ksh script
--Edit & run imprep.ksh

24. What does the grantusr.sql, install.ksh and imprep.ksh do?
--Grantusr SQL script = create dbase users and allows access
--Install.ksh script= create the dbase schemas & populates seed data
--Imprep.ksh = populate repository data

25. How do you set up an organization?
--Define organization hierarchy
--Define divisions
--Define positions
--Define responsibilities
--Set up employees

26. State 3 of the task modes - give examples
--Background mode - transaction Router,
--Batch - EIM
--Interactive - Synchronization Manager

27. What three methods can you use to track and debug a task, in Server Manger?
--Set Trace flags for the full trace,
--Set SQL flags to get a run down of the SQL generated
--Set error flags to get more error information.

28. Describe the steps for creating a developer in Siebel
--Create user as an employee in Siebel,
--Create a login to the database,
--Create them as a mobile user,
--Generate a database template,
--Generate a database extract for the user,
--Initialize the local Db,
--GET a copy of the repository.

29. What must you do before the Installation of any Siebel products?
--Validate the versions that are to be used and ensure that they are supported (hardware and OS)

--Create the File server and share it.
--Install all third-party software. (Fulcrum, Adobe, Resonate, etc)
--Install the RDBMS and create the empty DB.

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